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Teámo Midnight Shift Tea

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Do you burn endless midnight oils reading books or glued to the computer screen to meet your deadlines?  Binge-watching K-Dramas or playing PC game after game till almost dawn? Have blurry, dry eyes, feeling tired after waking up with dull skin? Well, the Midnight Shift Perk Me Up Tea would be your BFF to help you in reducing these symptoms.

The Midnight Shift is a caffeine-free tea blend which help to perk you up when your energy level is low.

One teabag consists of rose, gomphrena globosa, chrysanthemum, wolfberries and stevia leaf. This combination is floral with a slight sweet finish. Filling your mouth with the tea fragrant, peel away the weariness and feel refreshing. It also offer lots of benefits such as eyes protection, relieve fatigue and reduce heatiness due to  sleeping late.

*Recommend pouring away the first brew to wash the tea*


Store in the fridge for the best condition or keep in a cool dry place away from light.

Small Tin - 10 x Sachets

Medium Tin - 20 Sachets

* You might receive a different colour canister from the picture shown. 

* Result may vary from person to person.  


Pour boiling water over one teabag and let it infuses for 5 - 8 minutes, remove the teabag and serve.


Eyesight improvement, boost blood circulation, relieve fatigue, anti-UV light, reduce heatiness.


Rose, Gomphrena Globosa, Chrysanthemum, Wolfberries, Stevia Leaf.

Customer Reviews

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Apple Ng
Light & calming tea

The tea tastes light and refreshing. The floral fragrance gives a calming effect as I sip. Love that it is all natural without any sugar added yet it tastes mildly sweet. 😍

KC Tan
Light and sweet tea with floral aroma.

The tea tastes beautifully smooth with a nice floral aroma. The sweetness is just right and my mouth feels refreshing. As a floral tea lover, I would highly recommend to anyone who loves a natural floral tea . Am looking forward to trying the Nude tea sample which comes with the order and will do a review after that.

Steven Rice
Midnight Shift Review

A fragrant and subtle tea. Delicious and easy to drink. Would thoroughly recommend and will buy again!

Matthew Pegg
Nice Floral Tea that's not overpowering

This tea is pleasantly rich in flavour and smell but not so much so that it's overpowering. It is slightly sweet which complements the floral taste. Looking forward to trying others in the range.