Our Story

Bold Causemetics is a cruelty free cosmetics brand based in Singapore.  Our products are formulated using natural or organic ingredients that are eco-friendly and biodegradable.  Product is handcrafted upon order in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.

We create natural, vegan formulas with no sulphate, phthalate, silicones or mineral oils added.

Bold Causemetics is more than a cosmetics brand. Our core beliefs is to convey positivity, fun and happiness through our products. We also believe that we SHINE bigger with a generous heart. For every product you sold,  we shall donate either products or a monetary donation to non-profit organizations.

As for the launched of our 2nd baby Teámo tea series is because we are tea lovers.

Teámo means I love tea and is a combination word from Te amo in French.

There is a little story behind how Midnight Shift is created.  My siblings and I are night owls as we don't hit the sack until it's 2am or 3am.  Sleeping late really took a toll on my body as I felt tired, at time with blurry vision and heaty too.  As a tea lover, I enjoy mixing tea with different ingredients.  Then, I had this AHA moment why not created something for myself.  After numerous testing and tasting, my family and my friend like it.  Needless to say I love it too. So, we thought why not share it with others and that's the birth of Midnight Shift. 

Teámo Midnight Shift and Teámo Nude tea are created because we believe that healthy skin starts from within.  Apart from daily face cleansing, our body need to detox too.  It helps to remove unwanted toxins in the body.  

Tea can be a tasty beverage since it can be served iced or hot.  In addition, it also contains many wonderful properties that are beneficial to our health and skin.  Drinking tea regularly can actually improve your health and at the same time hydrates and nourishes your skin.  

Our Teámo tea is handcrafted with sincerity and all ingredients used are carefully picked for optimal taste and benefits.  Each tea is packed individually in food grade non-woven fabric for safe consumption.  In supporting sustainability, the solid tin is made from recycled steel and can be reused or recycled.