Bold Rewards

Bold Rewards Terms

EARN: With Bold Rewards you earn 1% back on all your purchases!

How it works:

For every dollar you spend after discounts and gift card credit is applied, and before tax and shipping, you earn one Bold Rewards point.

Points are automatically saved up and can be applied to any future purchase of your choosing.

When applied, every 100 points will take $1 off your purchase total!

REFER: Referring a friend who is not already a customer with us will grant both you and your friend rewards. Your friend will receive a discount code for $10 off their first purchase, provided that the purchase total is $50 or more. You will receive 1,000 points (equal to a $10 discount) automatically after your friend has made their purchase using your referral code. If your referral code is found to have been posted on any public channel (including, but not limited to, coupon and deal-finder websites), your access to the rewards program will be disabled and your referral code will be terminated.

CELEBRATE: As a rewards member, you’ll receive a gift of 1,000 points on your next birthday and every birthday after that! Birth date must be entered into your rewards account to apply.

Please note the following:

Points are earned on total purchase amount after discounts and gift card credit is applied, and before tax and & shipping.

Points can be used with any other Thrive promos.

Points are not earned on returned products.

Referral discounts cannot be used with any other Thrive promos.

Referral discounts must be used on the first purchase of a new customer.

Point multiplier promotions will not apply to orders with partial returns.

***Bold Causemetics. reserves the right to adjust or change the above terms of Bold Rewards at any time, given two (2) days written notice to Bold Rewards Members. Notice of the change will be delivered to Bold Rewards Members via their account email address.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Bold Rewards?

Bold Rewards is our free rewards program that lets you earn points for referring friends, making purchases, and includes a birthday gift. You can redeem points for free makeup on future purchases! Create an account now to view the points you’ve been earning.

How can I earn points?

You can earn 100 points for creating an account, 1,000 points on your birthday and 1 point for every $1 you spend. You will need to enter your birthday in your account in order to automatically receive 1,000 points on your birthday. If your birthday has already passed, you will not receive the 1,000 points until the following year.

Can I earn points when purchasing a gift card?

Yes! You'll earn points on any gift card amount you choose to purchase.

How can I redeem my points?

Log in to your account to redeem points directly at checkout by clicking the “Apply All” button.

Why can’t I see the “Apply All” button at checkout when I have an auto-replenishment product in my cart?

Unfortunately, you are unable to redeem points on an order that includes an auto-replenishment product at this time.

Can I redeem points when purchasing a gift card?

No, you are not able to redeem points at checkout when purchasing a gift card.

Can I earn points on an order where I’ve used a gift card?

Points are earned only on the order total after gift card credit has been applied.

Can I combine my points with other discounts and offers?

Yes! You can combine your points with other promotional discounts, offers and gift cards.

What happens to my points if I make a return?

Earned points from your returned order will be deducted from your account for any product that is returned. Points cannot be used towards our $5 shipping and handling fee.

What happens if I redeemed points and make a return?

The points used on the returned order will go back into your account.

Do my points expire?

No, your points never expire!

Are there any limitations on the numbers of points I can earn or redeem?

No, you will earn as much as you purchase. You may redeem as many points as there are in your account.

What if I have a wholesale account, do I earn points?

Wholesale accounts will not receive Thrive Rewards.

How can I see how many points I’ve earned from past purchases?

Log in to your account and click on your rewards history. You will see how many points you’ve earned on past purchases, when you have redeemed your points, any successful referrals, and birthday points.

How does the Refer a Friend work?

You can share your referral code with a friend who is not already a customer with us (through email, social media, text, etc.). Your friend must click the referral link, which directs them to our site with a pop-up that shows a discount code. Your friend will receive $10 off their first purchase of $50 or more (plus free shipping!). Once your friend completes their first purchase, you will receive an email stating your friend has made a purchase and that you have received 1,000 points ($10) into your account.

Does the referral code expire?

No, it does not! Your friend can click on your referral link at anytime to make their first purchase.


Sephora Beauty Pass 

Enjoy more amazing rewards and perks when you upgrade to the next tier.
Enjoy 2x bonus points on one purchase during your birthday month
Receive an exclusive Beauty Pass gift with each tier upgrade

Earn points every time you shop, connect and share with us.
Shop with Sephora
1 Point for every $1 spent
Register your account
+50 points
Complete your Beauty Profile
+50 points
Celebrate your Birthday
2x points in your birthday month
Write a product review
+5 points
Download the mobile app
+40 points

Spend per 12 month period
Rewards Boutique
Birthday 2x points
Members-only promotions
Welcome gift
Birthday gift
Beauty Pass Sales
Beauty Pass Sale early access
Exclusive events & launches
Custom makeovers

Sign up with your email address or your social media accounts.
Every $1 spent earns you one point.
Use points to redeem exclusive rewards.
Advance to next tier for even more benefits.

When you sign up for Beauty Pass, you'll instantly receive 50 bonus points that you can use to redeem rewards from your Rewards Boutique. Get started and sign up now.
You will need to log into your Beauty Pass account online, in order to add a Reward to your Shopping Bag from the Rewards Boutique. You can also select from the ‘Beauty Pass Rewards’ Tab available during the checkout process. All Rewards can be redeemed only upon purchase of an item. Rewards can only be redeemed in the country of your Beauty Pass registration.
Black and Gold Members are eligible to redeem one birthday gift per year during their birthday month. To redeem in-store, no purchase is necessary when you are redeeming your birthday gift. To redeem online, a merchandise purchase is required. Please click on your loyalty redemption tab at checkout to receive your birthday gift. Due to limited quantities, substitution of gifts may occur. Gifts will be available while stocks last. This offer is subject to change, alteration, or termination by Sephora at its sole discretion at any time.
To become a Black Member, you will need to spend an accumulated value of $300 within 12 months of signing up for Sephora Beauty Pass. Your status is valid for a 12 month period. To become a Gold Member, you will need to spend an accumulated value of $1,500 within 12 months of getting qualified for Black Member Status. Your status is valid for a 12 month period.
To maintain your Gold Member status, you must spend a minimum of S$1,500 online or in Singapore Sephora stores within 365 days from the date you qualified as a GOLD Member. If you spend less than S$1,500 but more than S$300, you will be placed in the Black Member status. If you spend less than S$300, you will be placed in the White Member status.
Tarte Cosmetics

Team Tarte is a loyalty program that treats our tartelettes with the rewards they deserve! Membership is complimentary and allows you to earn points every time you shop on, connect with us on social media, share with your friends, and more! You can redeem your earned points online for exclusive rewards: it’s as easy as that!

Your points add up quickly every time you shop, connect and complete activities on your Team Tarte Activity Page.

SHOP: Earn 50 points for each sale or mini item you purchase and 100 points each for all other items.

SHARE & CONNECT: Earn points by connecting with us on social media, referring friends, completing surveys, writing product reviews, completing your beauty profile, and more!

See Activity Page to learn more.

Your Redeemable Points are the number of points you have available to redeem for rewards. This number decreases with each reward you redeem. To review your current redeemable points balance, visit your Team Tarte page.

Your Team Tarte tier is determined by how many points were earned in the current calendar year! If some of your points were accumulated in the previous calendar year, they will not contribute to your tier advancement.

There may be limitations placed on how often and/or how many total points you can earn by completing any qualifying activity. Please see here for more info!

Your redeemable points balance will expire if you haven’t made a purchase or completed a qualifying loyalty activity in the last 12 months. This ensures that all of our members are still active in the Team Tarte program! Please see here for a list of qualifying activities.

Simply click on the reward you want in the Rewards Shop. Then use your points to redeem and follow the checkout instructions to add your reward to your bag! If you want to add your reward to bag at a later time, you can always access it later in Your Reward History. **Please note: bag cannot be empty when adding a reward.

You can redeem your points for the same reward up to 10 times per calendar year as long as you have enough points and the reward is still available!

If you redeem your points for a product, you are welcome to combine this with any promotion. However, we are not able to combine % or $ amount off your order's total with other offers. (For example, if you redeem for 10% off, you may not use with another promo in the same transaction.)