Our brands - Bold Causemetics and Teámo mission are to convey positivity, fun and happiness through our products. We also believe that as we give with a generous heart, we SHINE bigger. For every order, we shall plant a treee, donate either products or a monetary donation to non-profit organizations.

Make your purchase and share on social #boldcausemetics #teámomoment to support and join our movement today.

  • Ingredients

    All ingredients are carefully selected and we only pick the best from nature. Each tea blend is tasted and tested numerous times by my family, friends and of course myself to ensure its optimal flavour and benefits are achieved.

  • Sustainability

    We use solid tin that is made from recycled material. It helps to retain the tea freshness and can be reused. Our teas are packed individually in food-grade non-woven fabric that is safe for consumption and can be degraded too.

  • Fight Climate Change

    Starting Jan 2022, we shall plant a tree in Madagascar with Ecolog for every order received. Join us to protect the planet from deforestation and also create homes for thousands of species of plants and animals who live in the same planet.

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Relax + Glow Foaming Body Scrub

Relax + Glow Foaming Body ScrubRelax + Glow Foaming Body Scrub

After scrubbing my skin immediately felt so clean and smooth. And it even whitens my skin! I'm lovin the smell too! Thanks BOLD causemetics - Jennifter T.

All Skin Types Face Wash Powder

All Skin Types Face Wash PowderAll Skin Types Face Wash Powder

Love the moisture lock after washing

I was really excited to try the Face Wash Powder for All Skin Types. I was not used to the powder form at first but after the first try, it’s just like the same application with other cleansers. It feels like applying a layer of mask on my face. I like the light scrub feeling and my skin feels not so dull and not too dry after washing. My face become brighter and smoother each washing!

- Ermy L.

  • Mangrove Planting In Madagascar

    Join us to plant more trees to save our planet

  • Our first new series - Teámo

    Have a taste of our first tea collection

  • Build a Strong Skin Barrier

    Why do we have to build a strong skin barrier?

  • Donation To Animal Lovers League

    First donation for a good cause.

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